Complete marketing solution at one place.
We do both online & offline Marketing.

About Us

We are a marketing and advertising agency which offers solutions to enhance business and reach out to the relevant audience.

We provide an array of services which are personalised and customised to the needs of our clients.

Our Services

Cinema Advertising

Perhaps the only medium that guarantees an ad view, cinema adverting is the most effective mode to advertise for any brand's recall. We provide best cinema ad rates pan India.

Cable Advertising

The medium which provides reach as well as eyeballs but at a fraction of cost. Cable delivers huge viewership but at a fraction of the cost spent on the TV advertising.


We help you manage events right from birthday parties to marriages to political rallies.


Give us a brief and we shall arrange for the activation plan right from installing kiosks to mall activities.

LED Vans

LED Vans server the double purpose of showing the ad as well as be used simultaneously for on ground activations. It's a mobile medium and the brand is given a physical presence.

Social Media Marketing

We help you manage Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We guarantee enhance reach and sustained engagement.

Website Development

In today's digital driven world a website is of immense importance not only to have an online entity but more importantly to drive business and awareness.

Adwords and SEM

We make your brand highlighted on relevant google searches, brand showing up in online searches is science.

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